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Fullstack Software Engineer / Blockchain Developer

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Hi, my name is Pere

I've been working for the last 4 years as a software engineer in several kind of projects. I'm more backend oriented and my main tech stack is .NET but in March 2022 I quit my job to start my journey to become a blockchain developer. I love always learning new things and facing new challenges and I work really well in a team.

I've been working in all kind of projects, from single APIs to microservices architectures and complex projects like a flights booking chatbot. I have experience with .NET (C# and VB), Cloud (Azure and GCP), Docker, Kubernetes, some frontent (JS and TS, mainly ReactJs) and SQL & NoSQL Databases.

For the blockchain experience, we (with some colleagues) tried to launch a project but we didn't do it because of the team commitment. I've been learning the web3 stack (Solidity, EthersJs, Web3Js, Hardhat..), taking some courses and reading some books and articles.

I've already implemented some personal projects for learning purposes which are available on my Github profile. I've been working with Solidity (Truffle and Hardhat), ERC20,ERC721, DEX Interaction (through interfaces/routers), DAO, forking mainnet for testing...

I'm currently looking for a company to give me the opportunity to start in the Web3 World professionally. Ideally I'd like to become a Smart Contracts developer but I also love fullstacking (backend oriented if possible) so, creating Smart Contracts or interacting with them would be awesome for me.

A link to my CV: