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A self-taught, Stanford certified Machine Learning engineer and a full stack developer currently pursuing an engineering degree in computer science. I currently am writing smart contracts in solidity and doing research on Web 3.0, the next iteration the internet, and how it could revolutionize the web that we currently interpret now. I do have a knack and fondness towards the Internet Computer by Dfinity and have made several projects on it.

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Hi there! I'm a Full stack developer and a blockchain developer with [2] years of personal experience. I am currently undergoing my final year engineering in computer science and is expected to complete in 2023. Previously I've worked as an intern at Compsoft Technologies for a month and helped in creating a Quora-similar website to a client with fully functional backend and latest cutting-edge technologies. I currently am working as an intern at The Indian Art Revolution (TIAR) as a web 3.0 developer building applications for their website

I'm an expert at Web development and have significant experience using React, JavaScript, Node, Python and Solidity. I've worked on various Blockchain projects in my spare time. For instance, I created a smart contract for E-commerce, a voting application etc.

I'm currently looking for a Full time as a Full stack developer/ Blockchain developer starting from August 2023, as I am a Full-time student now. And I believe with the given one more year, I could upskill myself and work well as an integral part at your company and help in the upliftment of the same. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.