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Fresh out of the academy Solidity Dev looking for professional endeavors

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Hi there! I'm currently a Solidity Smart Contract Developer with 1 years of personal experience. Previously I've worked as a Risk Manager at Differential Defi, i've stepped away from conventional trading and am looking to go deeper into Defi as a developer using the analytical framework and discipline from trading as my leverage.

I'm an expert at Risk modelling and have significant experience using Zorro Project. I've worked on various small Blockchain projects In my spare time. For example I participated in the creation of the $FROZEN launch on Avalance network in 2021 and am currently doing some Smart Contract intern work at ZaibatsuDAO.

I'm currently looking for a Full or Part time job in anything Blockchain related, looking to keep my dayjob relevant and exposed to crypto as Its what i want to stay immersed in for the rest of my life.

If you're interested in working together, please contact me.