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Hi there! I'm a Blockchain smart contract engineer with 4 years of professional experience based in Canada. Previously I worked as a Full Stack blockchain engineer at Credit Capital finance and the Mouse Haunt P2E game.

I'm an expert in React, Next.js, JavaScript, Solidity, Web3.js, Ethers.js, Hardhat, Truffle, Openzeppelin, and, and have significant experience using Solidity and Hardhat. I've worked on various Blockchain projects professionally. I've taken part in large-scale NFT Games, DeFi projects that include ERC-20 / 721 / 1155 smart contract creation, NFT marketplace building, and DeFi platform with PancakeSwap's MasterChef / Uniswap v2 router, and other features for the entire ecosystem.

- CreditCapital
As a Full Stack Blockchain engineer in this international team, I built the infrastructure and smart contracts for the DeFi (world's first Digital Asset Management platform) lending project.

 Created Governance and Utility tokens with the ERC20 standard.
 Created Staking/Rewards smart contracts (Vault + Controller)
 Created Treasury Smart contracts for token lending mechanism (Storage + RevenueController).
 Created NFT smart contract for Digital Asset (not an art collection)
 Created Treasury Smart contracts for distributing the Revenue from NFTs.
 Hardhat Unit Testing.
 Contract Deployment on the testnets/mainnet.
 Web3 integration (Building web3 modules into the VueX-Dapp).
 CI/CD pipeline on the GitHub workflow.
 Built the decentralized application platform with Vuex/Vue3.
 Built the backend part for storing/monitoring the transactions and the bridge contract with Node/ExpressJS, and AWS Dynamo DB.

- MouseHaunt
Responsibility in this NFT game project was creating smart contracts for brand-new, unique, and super rare NFTs with whitelist features, $MHT Governance tokens with staking functionalities, and building client applications (marketplace + minting landing page) as well.

 Created smart contracts for brand-new, unique, and super rare NFTs called $MouseHERO.
 Added batch features such as game mutations, burning, and staking mechanisms.
 Created governance tokens called $MHT.
 Forked PancakeSwap's Syrup Pools
 Staking smart contracts for their NFTs and Governance tokens.
 Built the client application (marketplace + minting landing pages) with MERN stack.

I'm currently looking for a full-time contract role as a blockchain smart contract engineer. If you're interested in working together, please contact me.